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  • 3. The union send cool and refreshing summer activities
  • Group company leadership to three repair shop for fieldwork
  • The company party committee members as an ordinary party members to participate in the branch organization life
  • Three company successfully completed group port environment comprehensive improvement of the site observation activities
  • Shandong bureau of quality and technical supervision inspection teams to share three company to check on the work
  • Three company to carry out fire control safety knowledge training and fire drill
Company news
  For the implementation of group company《About to carry out“The customer is supreme quality services”Activities of the notice》Requirements and three company four terms ZhiDaiHui spirit at a time,3Month25Monday morning,Chaired a meeting of the company leadership“The customer is supreme,High-quality service”Customer forums,Come from40More than customer representative as well as the relevant person in charge of all the units to join。Symposium,The company is producing group、Cargo quality、On-site service, solicit opinions from the customer、Advice,Reflect to the customer of the scene made a detailed answer,And promised to accept customer comments,Immediate improvement,To improve the quality of production,Enhance the level of on-site service。   3Month26Day,Company to the customer19The opinion、Advice,Set up group problem is corrected,Issue list and corrective parameter is established,And for the first time for a meeting of service quality improvement project。From the problem of combing out responsible department,Make recommendations,Discussion to formulate improvement measures50The remainder term,Launch5A public commitment,Want to customers want,Solution of the client is urgent,Improve service quality。According to the arrangements for the meeting,The company to make the improvement measures in a timely manner to customer feedback,At the same time to perform good service commitments,The company each unit around customer requirements,Combining with their own problems,Carefully communicate learning improvement measures,Ensure cash acceptance is valid。The company decided to after a month,In view of the improvement effect,Organize return visit to customers,Conduct customer satisfaction survey。   The next step,Company will establish a mechanism for the quarterly customer discussion,Truly the customer feedback,Recommendations converted to improve service levels,Improve service quality。
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